Ways to Give

Your donation to Spirit of Life is a way to say thanks to God for all that He has given you.  It is also a way to honor God and recognize He is ultimately responsible for taking care of all our needs.  Your donations are the sole support of all the ministry and mission work we do at Spirit of Life.


Thank you for having a heart for the Lord and helping us in our mission to connect people to Jesus.  God will bless you for your giving.

Ways to Give to Spirit Of Life Church

Give Online

You can give anytime online. Simply click the link below to make your donation via PayPal.

During Service

Every Sunday we have an offering plate and a SQUARE giving station inside the entrance to our Sanctuary where you can give.


You can give via  mobile anytime with the Zelle App to

You can find Zelle in your banking app or get started at  It is free, fast and a great way to give to Spirit of Life.

Jesus Said

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” 

– Matthew 6:21

Why do we give?

In Jesus’ day, Jews hated their northern neighbors, the Samaritans. It was racism. So you can imagine how shocked a group of Jewish leaders were when Jesus told them a parable about a good Samaritan. To be honest, they didn’t think there were any “good” Samaritans.


You have heard the parable.   A Jewish man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho was attacked by robbers, severely beaten, and left to die.   Two upstanding Jewish men passed him by and didn’t help.   That wasn’t good. But a Samaritan came upon him and had compassion on him.   He stopped, tended his wounds with oil and wine, took him to an inn where he could recover, and paid all his expenses.   The Samaritan was “good” because he cared for a stranger who would probably never have had anything to do with him.   What is Jesus’ point?    Simple, we should love and care for each other.   That is His definition of “good”.

Why We're Telling You This:

When COVID hit, we knew a lot of people were going to struggle with lockdown, isolation, fear, job loss and serious financial struggles. I’ve never been prouder of Spirit of Life than when I saw how everyone kicked in – connecting, caring, tuning in to our services, and didn’t skip a beat in being the Church even when we couldn’t come to church.


And you faithfully gave your tithes, offerings and special gifts because you knew people would need help.


So, when we heard someone was in a bind, needing medical care, or having trouble making it, we reached out and helped.   Your giving was the oil and wine that helped someone recover who was out of work or couldn’t pay their bills.  I wanted you to know that through this season of COVID, we have responded whenever we heard of a need.   Jesus calls that “good” when we show our love for God by helping our neighbor.


I want you to know it’s not just about money, it’s about people rescued, lives lifted up, and folks finding hope. We’re not done with COVID. We still have a long way to go dealing with it, but we are going to get through this because Jesus is with us. Thank you for your faithful giving to Spirit of Life.

Thank You For Being a Blessing

Thank you for being Good Samaritans and helping us take care of our neighbors.

You are a blessing to more people than you know.

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